About The Dress Project

I was introduced to the Dress Project by my friend Grace! She was inspired by a friend and by The Uniform Project, and has participated the past handful of years, raising money for various causes.

She describes it as “a month-long project designed to experiment with sustainable fashion, challenge our creativity, and increase our appreciation for that which we already have.”

Although I am a bit nervous because my fashion sense most closely resembles that of Dora the Explorer (a brightly colored and outdoors-y small human who likes to blurt out in song), I am excited to join a cohort of strong, funky-fresh young change-makers!

Please let me know (on here over at The Dress Project blog) if you would like to be a Sponsor! Any and all amounts are graciously accepted and sent to the organization of the year. This year we are supporting 350, a non-profit advocacy group for clean energy (yes, you may recognize the name as I mentioned them in a previous blog post). You can donate directly on their website and let us know, give us pocket change in-person, or message me for my Venmo to transfer funds!