A Mid-semester Night’s Reflection

Me being a fool and trying not to drop everything I'm carrying while re-layering during a chilly, mountainous plant-survey. “Lord what fools these mortals be” Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream Humans don’t have all the answers and we probably never will; everyone should act accordingly. I absolutely cannot believe that we’re halfway through the semester already! … Continue reading A Mid-semester Night’s Reflection

Smells Like Teen Spirit (or AXE Body Spray)

Here we are, now entertain us. I feel stupid and contagious.Nirvana Middle school. My gut reaction upon hearing those words is to scrunch up my nose and make a face that’s a mixture of disgust and sympathy. And yet, I voluntarily chose to spend 7+ hours over the next ~8 Mondays in one of the … Continue reading Smells Like Teen Spirit (or AXE Body Spray)