Living My Best Life

Although people usually use the phrase “living my best life” ironically, I have been using it as a guiding mantra the past year or so and it’s served me well. Everything isn’t fabulous all of the time, but I do get bored without challenges to motivate me. In trying to figure out what living my … Continue reading Living My Best Life

Dirt Made My Lunch

Frank the Combine from Cars While touring several working farms this week, my ideas about agriculture were flipped upside down. I had seen the ag industry as the scary combine from Disney Pixar’s Cars, a giant and all-consuming monster that somehow gets food onto my table. I knew that productions of large monocultures (when one … Continue reading Dirt Made My Lunch

You’ve Got Your Story and You Know I’ve Got Mine

“If you're gonna tell them everything, Don't leave out the good part” Lake Street Dive View from Thursday's jaunt to the Appalachian Trail, which runs along the edge of SCBI's campus (hence the creepy old fence) I make friends wherever I go. Not just the new school, new town, kinda situations; I mean like train … Continue reading You’ve Got Your Story and You Know I’ve Got Mine

A Mid-semester Night’s Reflection

Me being a fool and trying not to drop everything I'm carrying while re-layering during a chilly, mountainous plant-survey. “Lord what fools these mortals be” Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream Humans don’t have all the answers and we probably never will; everyone should act accordingly. I absolutely cannot believe that we’re halfway through the semester already! … Continue reading A Mid-semester Night’s Reflection