Living My Best Life

Although people usually use the phrase “living my best life” ironically, I have been using it as a guiding mantra the past year or so and it’s served me well. Everything isn’t fabulous all of the time, but I do get bored without challenges to motivate me. In trying to figure out what living my … Continue reading Living My Best Life

Splish Splash

What I learned last week: just because water looks fine doesn't mean you can be thinkin' everything [is] alright. On Wednesdays we wear waders I had a blast with water quality testing! Waders are the height of “field chic” and wearing them in water up to my chest was very much a trust exercise. Our … Continue reading Splish Splash

A Mid-semester Night’s Reflection

Me being a fool and trying not to drop everything I'm carrying while re-layering during a chilly, mountainous plant-survey. “Lord what fools these mortals be” Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream Humans don’t have all the answers and we probably never will; everyone should act accordingly. I absolutely cannot believe that we’re halfway through the semester already! … Continue reading A Mid-semester Night’s Reflection

Smithsonian Mason School of Conservation

Tucked behind the mountains of Front Royal, VA lies a hidden gem of the conservation world. The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) not only is home to cutting edge researchers, but hosts the Smithsonian Mason School of Conservation (SMSC), running undergraduate, graduate, and professional level courses to inspire and teach new hearts in the tricky … Continue reading Smithsonian Mason School of Conservation